Global Financial Integrity, an anti corruption NGO  this week published its research about the illicit flows of assets from developing countries. In the period between 2000 and 2008 the assessed loss to developing economies is about US$ 6.5 trillion.  Approximately US$ 1.26 trillion was moved unlawfully in 2008 alone. The estimate is that movements in 2009 were lower, reflecting not improved attitudes or enforcement, but the effects of the financial crisis.

The largest flows were out of Asia. China is the most affected country.

The wife of the deposed President of Tunisia is reported to have left for Saudi Arabia this week with 1.5 tonnes of gold taken from the national treasury.  Worth US$35 million, this is petty cash compared with the US$3.5 billion the President and has family are already said to have banked in France.  And Tunisia, ranked as the 54rd least corrupt public administration by Transparency International in 2010 is rated less corrupt than all other North African states!