19 January 2011

The Edelman “trustbarometer” published over the festive season is an annual survey which has measured public trust in business and government in each of the last ten years. Based on widespread polling in numerous jurisidictions the compilers of the barometer comment that “Trust has emerged as a new line of business – one to be developed and delivered” . It is eually important in the commercial and government sectors.

The findings for 2010 were that trust in government shows a modest increase – rising substantially in USA and France but declining dramatically in Russia. What is interesting is that the only institution to lose trust around the globe is media.

This is replicated to some degree in New Zealand in the UMR 2010 Mood of the Nation survey. The media is rated as the institution in which respondents had the least confidence. On a day when there has been media focus on a review of measures within the NZ Police to strengthen culture, and media criticism that insufficient action is being taken, it is relevant that the UMR results show 67% of New Zealanders have a great deal or a lot of confidence in the Police compared with only 20% in the media.