18 November 2021

The Global Defence Integrity Index was launched by Transparency International this week. New Zealand is the only country with an overall “Band A” ranking. This reflects very low risk assessments regarding Political, Financial, Personnel and Procurement Risks, and a Low assessment regarding Operational risk. The conclusion that New Zealand has strong institutional resilience to corruption, which flows into its defence institutions, is not surprising. New Zealand is consistently placed alongside Scandinavian jurisdictions, in the upper decile of global indices relating to good governance and integrity. It is perhaps just as comforting that in June New Zealand moved up a place to rank 2nd in the Global Peace Index.

New Zealand (14th) and Japan are the only non-European countries in the top twenty places on the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index released this week, with New Zealand ranked 7th on the Governance Performance component.

The latest Worldwide Governance Indicators, accessible this month, rank New Zealand among the top fifteen for each of the six Indicators that make up the Index, including;  Regulatory Quality  2nd,   Rule of Law 3rd,  and  Control of Corruption 4th.

In the Rule of Law Index published in October by the World Justice Project, New Zealand continues to be ranked 7th.

And from a people perspective, New Zealand maintained its 4th ranking on the Global Gender Gap Report published earlier this year.


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