8 July 2016

The following Noachian headline has been reiterated by dozens of news aggregator sites since publication by Quartz earlier today.

China’s devastating floods can be traced back to corruption and overbuilding” heads an account of flooding across 26 Chinese provinces. A super typhoon this weekend is forecast to add to last week’s rain that has affected 32 million people with alleged losses of about $NZ 10 billion. Although the numbers killed appear lower than in many Chinese disasters reported by the international media, this is the country’s worst flood for ten years. The city of Wuhan is most affected. The transport network is paralyzed because drainage schemes that were to have been completed this year, have been only partially built.

Flooding results from reclamation for urban development of large lake areas.  The construction of compensating flood controls has been delayed because funding has been redirected or lost to other corrupt practices. Quartz comments that corruption and wasteful spending scandals are not uncommon in China’s flood-control projects and lists illustrations. In March after a special Cabinet meeting Premier Li Keqiang spoke of new measures in his campaign to stamp out corruption and oversee public spending.   But when visiting the flood area he said nothing about these underlying causes.