29 October 2015

This week the World Bank released the 2016 Ease of Doing Business Survey.  This is the 13th annual report investigating regulations that enhance business activities and those that constrain it.  The survey comprises qualitative indicators measuring 11 areas of the business environment in 189 economies (Hong Kong and Taiwan are included.)

The Bank provides this business objective data for governments to use in improving regulatory policies and encourage research on important dimensions of the business environment.

2016 Ease of Doing Business
1 Singapore
2 New Zealand
3 Denmark
4 South Korea
5 Hong Kong
6 United Kingdom
7 United States
8 Sweden
9 Norway
10 Finland

Since 2008, New Zealand has ranked either as the 2nd or 3rd most easy economy for doing business.  In the latest survey it again ranked in 2nd place.  Of the eleven ease of doing business indicators New Zealand currently is the leader in

  • Starting a business
  • Registering property
  • Getting credit
  • Protecting minority investors

Although the trading focus for New Zealand is with the other 11 Trans Pacific Partnership member states (enhanced this week with Indonesia enter the Partnership – and possibly China in the very near future) the Ease of Doing Business among the TPP member states is variable.

TPP Members
84th Brunei
48th Chile
1st Singapore
13th Australia
14th Canada
34th Japan
18th Malaysia
38th Mexico
50th Peru
7th United States
90th Vietnam
109th Indonesia
84th China