10 December 2013

NZ Police today published the fifth report on implementation of recommendations from the 2007 Bazley report into allegations of sexual assault by Police and the deliberate mishandling of investigations into complaints of assaults on women.

Actions to implement the inquiry’s  60 recommendations,  included establishing a code of conduct  and other measures aimed at strengthening public trust and confidence in the Police.

A continuing irony is that despite increased scrutiny, NZ Police remains one of New Zealand’s most trusted public agencies –rating up to 200% better than politicians and double the rating of public servants generally.

Today’s results show a significant increase in the Employee Engagement Index within NZ Police – and  significantly higher  than the State Sector Benchmark. Most agencies would be satisied to gain Index figures similar to those shown for the NZ Police.

Despite the furore over the way that the Roastbusters matter was handled, up to 84% of surveyed members of the public said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received .from the Police. The numbers engaged in untrustworthy behaviour are small by the rate of scandals within the traditional professions.

The 2013 OECD Government at a Glance statistics show that NZ Police scores higher than the average rating for Police  Forces throughout OECD.