7 November 2013

The Solicitor-General, Chair of the Productivity Commission, and the Chief Executives of NZ Transport Agency and Maritime NZ expressed views on the future look of regulatory compliance at a Leaders’ Forum in Wellington yesterday. With more than 17,000 State sector employees having regulatory responsibilities, obvious national advantage will flow from more collaboration, a sharper focus and better training.  Agencies with regulatory responsibilities have much more in common than any “uniqueness” flowing from their jurisdictional differences.  Exploiting those commonalities presents opportunities to enhance the contribution agencies make to good government.

The Forum sought to reinvigorate the Compliance Common Capability Programme which has evolved over the last five years, and to encourage sector- wide engagement in mutually supporting and trust-building programmes.  Speakers promoted a focus on contributions to the CCCP steering group, assessment of processes that will strengthen the impact of enforcement, and participation in common training.

A Productivity Commission investigation into the design and operation of regulatory regimes, scheduled for Tabling in mid 2014, may also stimulate political interest in regulatory compliance changes.

Agencies were encouraged to participate in capability training and activities of the CCCP Regulatory Compliance Learning Council, which will be promoted through the network in the New Year.