1 November 2013

The World Bank’s Annual Ease of Doing Business survey, released this week, shows New Zealand to be more or less holding its own over each of the 11 business indicators used to assess most of the world’s economies. New Zealand retained an overall  3rd place as in last year’s survey.

The survey measures the efficiency and strength of laws and institutions that shape the life cycle of businesses, comparing economic environments over time. The aim is that countries are encouraged to promote more efficient regulation. New Zealand was recognised as making an improvement this year in resolving insolvency issues although in three other aspects standards slipped. Although ranked most efficient in Starting a business and Protecting investors, the time and cost of Getting electricity ranked New Zealand as 45th, impacting on its overall place.

2014 Ease of Doing Business (Top Ten)

1   Singapore

2   Hong Kong

3   New Zealand

4   United States

5   Denmark

6   Malaysia

7   South Korea,

8   Georgia

9   Norway

10 United Kingdom

11 Australia

12 Finland

13 Iceland

14 Sweden

15 Ireland