11 September 2013

NZ Police has released results of its annual public satisfaction survey.  (The date is probably an unintended coincidence with New York’s commemoration of emergency services’ dedication.)

The survey indicates that New Zealanders continue to have impressive levels of trust and confidence in the Police. The findings show an increase in overall trust levels to 79% (77% in 2012).

This reflects the UMR survey result published as part of the 2013 Mood of the Nation report which also highly rated public satisfaction levels in the Police – the institution with second highest confidence levels (at 70%) above general practitioners (at 69%).  Respondents rated Police as the third most respected occupation (7.9) – along with teachers –  following nurses (8.7) and doctors (8.4). Only the Fire Service (at 88%) had more people rating it higher than the Police (at 77%) for doing an excellent job.

In this year’s survey 83% said that they were either satisfied or very satisfied by their contact with the Police.

Last week Police published the results of internal surveying to determine the commitment levels of staff.  The result shows 24.5% of staff were “fully engaged”  – a drop of over 3%  since last year’s survey, but more than in 2010 and 2011.  Police note that this engagement level is “…well above the State Sector benchmark of 19.9%. .. Police also has over five percent fewer disengaged staff than the benchmark…”