13 June 2013

This year’s Global Peace Index was published by Vision for Humanity yesterday. The trend is one of deterioration. The accompanying report indicates that since 2008, 110 countries have become less peaceful while circumstances in 48 countries have improved.

Prominent features include;

  • the World is now 5% less peaceful than in 2008
  • Europe is the most peaceful region, with 13 of the top 20 most peaceful countries
  • Afghanistan is again at the bottom of the index
  • Syria’s score on the index has fallen by 70% since 2008
  • The economic impact of containing violence is assessed at US$9.46 trillion in 2012

New Zealand has slipped to third place apparently reflecting a marginal increase in defence spending. A drop in numbers imprisoned was too slight to avoid moving below the second equal rating with Denmark last year.

2013 Global Peace Index 2012
1 Iceland 1
2 Denmark 2=
3 New   Zealand 2=
4 Austria 6
5 Switzerland 10
6 Japan 5
7 Finland 9
8 Canada 4
9 Sweden 14
10 Belgium 11

This year, Australia is 16th, United Kingdom is 44th and the United States is 99th on the index.