14 February 2013

The Econonist last week included a report listing countries by the quality of their governance. The assessment was a collation of six international surveys carried out in 2012. These evaluated;
Global Competitiveness (World Economic Forum)
Ease of Doing Business (World Bank)
Global Innovation (INSEAD)
Corruption Perceptions (Transparency International)
Human Development (UNDP)
Prosperity (Legatum)

New Zealand “scores” well on most of these surveys, resulting in a high average, placing New Zealand 6th over all. Scandinavian countries top the list followed by Switzerland and New Zealand. A lack of global competitiveness affects New Zealand’s placing.

Countries seen to have a low level of corruption rate well for governance overall. That characteristic is reflected similarly in prosperity. A number of other surveys not forming part of this good governance report reinforce these finding – whether for sustainable development, open governmence, budget transparency etc.