21 December 2012

In August the Head of the State Services wrote about changing the culture of the New Zealand State Services as part of Better Public Services in a way that will “… make us great…”  Yesterday the Head of the UK Civil Service took a similar aspirational position relating to the delivery of essential public services  and “…getting Britain back on the rise…” a variant on putting the great back into Britain.

The comment promoted awareness of the publication today of the personal objectives of departmental heads. This forms part of the Cabinet Office Minister’s drive for greater accountability by the UK civil service and increased transparency in government. The aim is that the public can assess whether there is value for money in the Government’s objectives.

The intention is to clarify the relationship in the UK between Ministers and their departmental Heads and highlight where the responsibilities lie. The Minister believes this will “…ensure stronger joint leadership for departments, leading to smoother implementation of government policy and a better deal for the public… Objectives approved by the Ministers in each Department, will then be signed off by the Prime Minister.”

Publishing these objectives is seen as further step to opening up government and reforming the civil service. The Minister wants “…an exceptional civil service delivering the best for Britain…”