25 October 2012

Yet another international study has confirmed what seems obvious – in this case that people lose confidence in a credit card if, in using the card, they have been the victim of fraud.

But what may be more surprisingly, the study shows that experience of fraud is not necessarily reflective of the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. 

Although credit card users in high integrity countries like Sweden and the Netherlands are less prone to fraud than in countries ranking further down the Index, the experience of people in Mexico and in the United States was very similar despite TI ranking the United States in 24th place and Mexico at 100th

In Indonesia, also ranked 100th on the CPI, credit card fraud is less than nearly all the other countries in the survey – all of which rank better on the CPI.  The fraud experience in UK (16th on CPI) is remarkably similar to credit card holders in China (75th on CPI).   Similarly, the experience in Singapore (5th on CPI) is not unlike that in South Africa (64th on CPI).

New Zealand was not included among the 17 countries, from which responses from 5000 people were collated.