4 October 2012

Global Integrity website on which the Aid Transparency Index was posted earlier this week, has now republished the Web Index which was released by the World Wide Web Foundation in September. It has particular relevance as the Foundation is led by Berners-Lee who created the web.

The Web Index is regarded as the most comprehensive of surveys measuring the impact of the web. The 61 participating countries are evaluated on seven categories to determine the social benefit of the web to communities and citizens. Over 80 indicators relate to “…access, affordability, institutional and policy environment and social and economic utility…”

New Zealand ranks 7th overall on the Web Index, although because the social impact of the web is greater in New Zealand than almost anywhere else, poorer aspects like communications structure and economic impact are counter-balanced.  An aspect that stands out is that New Zealand internet speeds on average, are the slowest of all developed nations.

Just as the Aid Transparency Index ranks New Zealand (16th) ahead of Australia (18th) so on the Web Index New Zealand (7th ) ranks ahead of Australia (8th).

Web Index Top 10

1. Sweden
2. United States
3. Britain
4. Canada
5. Finland
6. Switzerland
7. New Zealand
8. Australia
9. Norway
10. Ireland