17 September 2012

The World Bank in publishing the latest Worldwide Governance Indicators last week, has advised that some changes have been made to the component data although the same sources have been used for the 2012 update as for previous years.

However “… because of these revisions to data from previous years, this update of the entire WGI dataset supersedes previous versions for all years. The overall effect of these revisions to the historical data over the period 1996-2010 is minimal. The median correlation between the original and revised data (across all six indicators over the entire time period) is 0.999. There are no cases where these revisions resulted in a statistically significant change in the governance estimate for a country…”

As noted in the preceding blog post, the New Zealand data has the effect of improving its placement compared with the 2010 indicators, although the interactive tool cautions that there has been no statistically significant change.

My earlier post about Denmark “pipping” New Zealand on the control of corruption indicator needs qualification.  Both are rated at 100%  and both now show as having the same 96 -100% confidence rating (whereas in the previous report Denmark had a marginally higher confidence rate.) Despite this, Denmark is depicted in the chart produced by the interactive tool as marginally better than New Zealand for control on corruption although the “pop up” data on the world map pictorial image shows them scoring equally. 

Confusingly, the latest, 2012, WGIs relate to 2011 data.