3 September 2012

The release of the Performance Improvement Framework report on the Ministry of Defence is another “curate’s egg” assessment. The reviewers, as with the last published report on the Ministry of Justice, seem to be saying that we know it is a difficult and complex business, the agency is trying hard, but you are not yet making enough difference.

In the MOD report there is almost an apology for the allocation of traffic lights. As with the MOJ report, the reviewers were unable to give a “Strong” rating to any of the 18 capability elements. Four were rated “Well placed” and two were not rated at all.  The reviewers continue with their approach of not pulling punches.  Two thirds of the ratings were  “Weak” or “Needing development”

It would be interesting to see what traffic light would be given by a plain English evaluator to the Central Agencies’ response,  which proposes  “…supporting MOD and the security sector to take a more systemic approach to creating greater depth and resilience within their organisations and to embed in MOD more sophisticated systems and processes to support whole-of-life capability management…”