23 August 2012

Blog writing involves ego – why should anyone be interested in the writer’s views? It also requires a thick skin – a persistence to publish regardless of the size of the readership. And in the case of Integrity Talking Points it is quite common for there to have been fewer than 50 readers on a given day. The heartening occasions are when influential sources like the BBC publish a link, and readership leaps exponentially…but a fall back to the norm can occur just as spectacularly. It is therefore consoling to see entities with resources to promote their mission experience a similar loss of traction.

Youtube clips published on the State Services Commission about the Performance Improvement Framework and Better Public Services reflect an SSC initiative to make user friendly resources available universally. The audience targeted, in the first instance, will be people working for public sector agencies. The State Services Commissioner now has the appointment title as Head of the State Services. The videos explain change and expectations affecting more than 200,000 State servants. It seems that most have as little interest in watching the State Services Commission presentations on Youtube as they have in reading Integrity Talking Points!

As I write , there have been only 20 hits on the Performance Improvement video and fewer than 15 people have watched the Better Public Services clip (and I have watched both several times.)

You can lead a horse to water….