17 July 2012

Informed  Engaged  Empowered – Corruption doesn’t stand a chance  that is the banner of the Transparency International annual report published last week.   TI notes that corruption was the common denominator in demonstrations across the world over the last year.  This only increases the resolve of TI to free people from the devastating effects of corruption.

The report is drafted around a series of aphorisms:

Corruption- inevitable, unstoppable?  We don’t think so.

Corruption never won a fair election  – Politicians and officials need to know that we will hold them accountable for their actions. We need regulations in place to make sure they act openly

Corruption loves to hear excuses  We need to make sure governments live up to their promises

Corruption is afraid of the truth  Governments must be open about what they do and we need to make sure we can access information

Corruption doesn’t like to compete fairly  Governments are responsible for providing good quality services bought at a fair price

Corruption has only one business plan   Companies need to demonstrate that corruption isn’t part of their business plans

Corruption only protects itself  Defence and security activities warrant secrecy in certain areas. But more openness in defence policy, budget and procurement is needed

Corruption thinks justice can be bought  Everyone has a right to a fair and impartial trial

Corruption picks on the weakest   The voices of the world’s poorest people must be heard when development agendas are set and decisions taken that affect their lives

Corruption only serves itself   Budgets for public services  and institutions including schools, hospitals and infrastructure need to be published

Corruption doesn’t think about tomorrow   We all need to monitor developments and learn fast

Corruption has no future –It was the world’s most talked about issue in 2010-2011 according to the BBC

Corruption believes in privileges not rights

Corruption never learns

Corruption never has respect

Corruption is on no one’s side