26 June 2012

United Nations Public Service Day, celebrated on various dates this month in various places, was recognised at the UN Headquarters yesterday.  At a ceremony to mark the occasion awards were presented in a range of service categories.

Awards were made for

  • Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Public Service

 ( Mauritius, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey and Georgia were recognised in an unusual grouping of winners, reflected also in the other award categories. )

  • Improving the Delivery of Public Services
  • Fostering Participation in Policy-making Decisions through Innovative Mechanisms
  • Advancing Knowledge Management in Government
  • Promoting Gender-responsive Delivery of Public Services

Another series of awards was based on a recent UN e-government survey.

In the global e-government award, Korea, followed by the Netherlands and the United Kingdom were considered to have excelled in establishing a robust telecommunications infrastructure, invested in the development of human capital capacity and expanded usage of e-government facilities.

Awards for outstanding progress in implementing e-government were given to Finland, Israel and Liechtenstein, recognising advances in service delivery, and a commitment to re-think of e-government and e-governance.

The countries recognised for leading e-government in each region were the United States, United Kingdom, Seychelles, Australia and Korea.

Leaders in providing customer focused e-government services were

1st =    Netherlands and Korea

2nd =   Kazakstan and Singapore

3rd =    United States and United Kingdom

New Zealand doesn’t seem to have featured – and probably was not even entered for consideration – in any of the awards.

The IPANZ – Gen-i Public Sector Excellence Awards, to be announced tomorrow night, will commemorate Public Service Day in New Zealand.