13 February 2012
Although UMR website is not yet showing the annual Mood of the Nation survey released usual in late December, the media is carrying reports of two of the datasets for 2011 that have formed part of the Mood survey series for 20 years.
These indicate the level of confidence New Zealanders had in a range of institutions and in selected Government agencies.
The Fire Service remains the service in which the greatest number of respondents have a “great deal or a lot” of confidence. However a drop of 4% since the previous survey reflected a general falling away of confidence levels.
National Library – which has become part of the Department of Internal Affairs since the previous survey, was the agency in which respondents had the next greatest levels of confidence, up from 6th place in 2010. Despite this rating, actual confidence levels dropped from 55% to 50%.
In 3rd place, the Ministry of Health at 51% moved up from 11th place in 2010, (with 48%).
Although there has been a 3% increase in confidence to 38% in the Accident Compensation Corporation, there was declining confidence shown in the Departments of Corrections and Conservation, and the Ministries of Social Development, Maori Development, Defence, Justice, and Agriculture and Fisheries