16 January 2012
The anti corruption message is championed in different ways. An advocate in Morocco is a prominent rapper. As Morocco has a rating of 3.4 on the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index there is quite a lot to rap about ( although at 80th place on the CPI, Morocco is placed equally with Thailand, Greece, ElSalvador, Colombia and Peru.)
Known as El Haqed – the Sullen One – the rapper is one of the boldest critics of the Moroccan monarchy. He was released from a prison sentence last week having serving four months for attacking a politician of the Monarchist Party. His lawyer claims the charge was intended to muzzle criticism, but on release he said he would continue rapping in protest against the massive corruption Moroccans endure at the hands of the state and politicians.

Reuters describes him as the singing voice of the movement demanding a constitutional monarchy, an independent judiciary and a crack down on corruption. He raps about the need for Moroccans to “wise up” to the corruption about them. He has had more than 600,000 You Tube hits on his song “Bite just as much as you can chew”.