6 December 2011

The correlation between a country’s standards of living and levels of public sector corruption is reported by the Economist and illustrated with a graph linking the UN Human Development Index published in November and the Corruption Perceptions Index published last week. This shows that the quality of health, wealth and education of a nation is generally related closely to that nation’s success in controlling corruption.

Norway was rated in top place in the HDI and 6th on the CPI.  New Zealand was top on the CPI and 5th in the HDI.

A similar graph is published as part of a Transparency blog, which also shows the connection between the CPI and the experience people have of paying bribes.

Other indices reinforce this close relationship between the ethical standards of a government and the well being of its citizens; in the 2011 Sustainable Governance Index, Norway is rated 2nd on both the Management and Status indices, with New Zealand in 4th and 5th places respectively.

Global Peace Index 2011 places New Zealand in 2nd place, with Norway in 9th.

OECD 2011 Social Justice Index places Norway in 2nd and New Zealand in 12th place.