2 November 2011

Transparency International today published the 2011 Bribe Payers Index. This compiles survey responses from more than 3,000 business executives from developed and developing countries.

Aspects reported in the Index include:

  • bribing officials is a regular occurrence when businesses trade abroad
  • perceptions of the frequency of foreign bribery have not improved since the last survey in 2008
  • businesses that lack integrity in domestic operations are perceived as being more likely to bribe abroad
  • the perception of public sector corruption in a business’s home country is strongly related to the perceived likelihood that it will bribe abroad
  • bribery occurs in all business sectors but is perceived as most common in the public works contracts and construction sector.

The Index ranks 28 leading  exporting economies by the likelihood that their firms will pay bribes abroad. The perception of firms engaging in bribery and exerting undue influence on governments is assessed across 19 business sectors.

The survey results, largely unchanged since last carried out in 2008, rank countries in a pecking order that is comparable to the Corruption Perceptions Index. Netherlands and Switzerland are seen as the countries with businesses that are least likely to pay bribes. Companies from China and Russia are seen as most likely to pay bribes.

New Zealand has not been included in this year’s Index nor in the previous four surveys. The Index was first compiled in 1999.