30 August 2011

A former assistant director of the New South Wales Crime Commission was convicted of corruption last week .  After a five month trial he was found guilty of a conspiracy to import 300 kg of pseudoephedrine worth about $120 million. He was arrested in 2008. This incident will revive the perception that most Australian Police forces are corrupt which must be a morale shattering experience for honest cops.  The evidence indicates that several officers in the Australian Federal Police and New South Wales Police may have been involved.

The New South Wales Government has initiated an inquiry to assess the extent of corruption in the Crime Commission which was set up in 1985 and whether there is a need for an oversight body.  The irony in Australia seems to be that each level of oversight created seems to need yet another to scrutinise  its activities.  Most States now have a corruption commission although measures in Victoria to set up its Independent Body Against Corruption have not yet come to fruition.

All the investigations undertaken by the convicted officer while at the Crime Commission are now being reviewed.  His association with organised crime suggests that other serious offences may have occurred.