23  June 2011

Today is the UN Public Service Day.  It is an occasion to mark the commitment of public servants around the world to providing professional advice and support to their governments without manipulating circumstances to their personal advantage. The day celebrates people working for governments who perform their duty, do the right thing,  make a difference and do not expect or receive any benefits for doing so, except the rewards provided to them by their employer.

This week GOVIS (the New Zealand Government information specialists organisation) held its annual  conference,  and explored systems to improve the delivery of  government services.  Part of day one was a consideration of how technology can assist disaster recovery with participants reporting their experiences of the Christchurch earthquakes.

Last night IPANZ (Institute of Public Administration NZ) hosted a function to make awards for excellence and innovation in the State Services.  Awards were for seven categories, with the ultimate, Prime Minster’s Award made to the NZ Fire Service for development of its rapid emergency response capacity.

An interesting accolade during the awards ceremony was the recognition that the Deputy Prime Minister gave to the back offices of agencies.  He acknowledged the admirable part they played in facilitating earthquake remedial actions in Christchurch.

Good government is all about the spirit of service and providing trustworthy assistance to the community.

Enjoy Public Service Day.