7 June 2011

June is a month of events to mark good government.

June 23 is the UN Public Service Day – an opportunity for public administrations around the globe “to recognise and celebrate the contribution which professionalism and the spirit of service makes to good public administration”. A UN ceremony at which public service awards are announced (UNPSAs) will be held this year in Tanzania. For the first time there will be an award to recognise a distinguished contribution to preventing and combating corruption in the public service.  A number of countries have their own events to mark the Public Service Day.

Canada and Singapore go much further than most, by having a celebration week.  12 – 18 June is Public Service week in Canada, celebrated by Federal, Provincial and City governments. In 1992, Canada enacted the “National Public Service Week ; Serving Canadians Better Act”.  It has two sections; the title and the second section nominating the third week of June each year, as Public Service week. The occasion is promoted as a “celebration of the pride, dedication and excellence that public servants bring to their jobs and careers”. This year in addition to awards made to outstanding officials, a series of substantial money prizes will be awarded for excellent performance.

In Britain, June is the National Health Service’s Anti Fraud month.  The Counter Fraud Service is encouraging awareness of the contribution staff can make to preventing  and reporting misconduct. It is promoting its freephone fraud reporting line.

In New Zealand, the Institute of Public Administration Excellence Awards Ceremony will be held on the eve of the UN Public Service Day.