24 May 2011

The Office of the Auditor General statement of intent for 2012 published last week includes an interesting diagram comprised of a range of good governance measures for the New Zealand State services and the effectiveness of agencies in supporting the outcome of a trusted public sector.

Comparative ratings over a number of years are shown for

  • Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index
  • Worldwide Governance Indicators
  • Kiwis Count respondents reporting confidence in public services
  • Public entities financial statements fairly representing actual results
  • The Integrity and Conduct survey measure of State servants reporting any observed misconduct
  • Kiwis Counts respondents reporting most recent public service experience was good value for tax dollars spent
  • Kiwis Count respondents reporting satisfaction with public services

The measures indicate why New Zealand maintains a favourable reputation on the international stage as one of the exemplars of good government. There are a number of measures that could  have been added to the diagram that would support that status, including the Ease of Doing Business Survey and the recent Sustainable Governance Indicators.