4 May 2011

On Monday, the Canadian Conservative party was returned to government with a strengthened mandate. The economy and government trust and ethics were reported to be the primary election issues. The Conservative party was seen as strong on the economy.  A survey found that while no party had an advantage on ethics and trust, the Liberals had a lead of about 10% “among people who care about the issue”.  The Conservative Party had come to power following a series of integrity incidents that were well published by the Gomery Commission.  Once in government, it gave priority to passing an Accountability Act to impose a stronger ethical structure on the executive. Increasingly the media has criticised the government for undermining this statutory framework and behaving as badly as the Liberal coalition government it had replaced.

The Conservative, Liberal and NDP parties all deserve a “F” for their promises to make government more accountable, according Democracy Watch.

But Canadians were not convinced.  The Government now has an increased majority, the Liberal Party has lost its place as the official opposition and its party leader has lost his seat. There may not be as many people after all “who care about the issue” as claimed by polsters.