23 March 2011

The OECD Anti Bribery convention involves a continuing consideration of the measures taken by member States to give effect its provisions.  New Zealand and Japan having reviewed German compliance,  this week reported very favourably on the commitment  of German agencies.

This contrasts with ongoing criticism in some media of delays by the  British government in passing legislation to strengthen its laws on the bribery of foreign officials. Although the bill’s provisions are more far reaching than for example, the United States equivalent,  some of the content of the bill at first reading has been dropped.

The need for anti corruption laws is evident from reports this week . The extremes are highlighted with the upcoming trials of a former Nigerian state governor (143  on the Transparency International CPI ) and a major manufacturer in Finland (2  on the CPI).

In the Yemen (164 on the CPI), a general now siding with the protesters is reported to have “amassed a fortune in the smuggling of arms, food staples, and consumer products.”