10 March  2011 
 China now expects the same ethical behaviour from its officials as do developed economies. The Government has indicated that it will be “resolute” in promoting improvements. 
This is apparent from a publication on all government websites.  This state of the nation report  is  ” a compendium of everything that infuriates your average Chinese citizen” ; the extravagant lifestyle of officials and their Audi A6 fleets all at public expense, and the enrichment of their families, often by abusing powers to expropriate and redevelop land.
this year agency budgets for travel, entertainment and vehicle purchases are to be frozen and senior officials will be required to make interest disclosures; of their income, property,investments, and what their spouses and children do and whether they live abroad.  This reflects a concern about officiasl hiding assets within their families.
Fair, impartial,  responsible and trustworthy officials are necessary for good government.  The New Zealand Cabinet Manual describes these characteristics as the principles of public service.   China’s Government requires its officials to be party members, but now, like New Zealand and other democratic societies,  is demanding that its officials are fair, responsible and trustworthy.