7 March 2011

The State Services Commission has released survey results showing  the key drivers of satisfaction when public services are delivered online.  Although New Zealanders indicate that different drivers influence opinions about service transactions compared with obtaining information, the most important driver for both accessing information and transacting on line is  that “the service experience met my expectations”. Interestingly the 2009 Kiwis Count survey found that this is also the key driver for overall satisfaction with public services.

What may well be a surprising finding is that the same websites are the most popular for information and transactions although almost 50% more people seek online information (98% in the last 12 months) than want service transactions (68%).  Most referred to sites are shared between central and local government;  Inland Revenue and Land Transport NZ have the central government websites most frequently accessed and local authority and local library sites are the most used in local government.

State Services Commission indicates that these findings will shape the Common Measurement Tool.  CMT has become the means a number of agencies use to measure customer satisfaction with public services, and part of their commitment to strengthening trust and confidence in government.