10 February 2011

A focus on integrity can have benefits far beyond strengthening the ethical conduct of an organisation. This is an outcome explored on the Baldridge website. Baldridge is an internationally recognised business model based on extensive research of the common characteristics found in high performing organisations around the globe.Ethics have an inherent value but also an expansive influence. They can rally people around ambitious goals and get them agreeing to changed policies and procedures. They can get a focus on results, the pursuit of process improvements and the celebrating of success. Ethics – and safety and diversity can have a similar mobilising effect – can be a lever for leaders to use to transform their organisations.

A number of State services agencies are using Baldridge methods in their pursuit of world-class performance. In 2009 the NZ Business Excellence Foundation identified three Baldridge Award winners. Two were State Services agencies – Royal New Zealand Navy (Gold Award), New Zealand Fire Service (Silver Award).