24 December 2010

The 2010 UMR Mood of the Nation report provides a disappointing picture of public confidence in the Public Service, which, grouped with Parliament and Big Business, recorded the most substantive drops.  The Public Service fell (5%) from 34% to 29% in the number of respondents who indicated that they  had a great deal of confidence in it.  Big Business and Parliament both fell to 22% in numbers who had a great deal of confidence in them.

As in 2009 the Fire Service is the most highly rated agency, followed by Police then the Departments of Customs and Conservation.  The Accident Compensation Corporation, and Ministries of Social Development and Maori Development (TPK) were the least highly rated.

The Department of Corrections was the agency recording the largest positive movement in the respondents who rated it as doing an excellent job, improving 4% from 2009.