19 December 2010

The International Anti Corruption Academy (IACA) opened in Vienna in September, as a cooperative venture involving UNDOC, INTERPOL,  European Anti Fraud Office  and the Austrian Government. Australia this week become the 43rd State signing an Agreement setting up IACA as an international organisation.  The Agreement is open for States’ signatures until 31 December 2010.

IACA seeks to strengthen the capacity of countries to manage corruption and to develop the skills of officials. The list of Founding members is somewhat like the membership of the UN Convention Against Corruption – suggesting good intention rather than real commitment.  Recent signatories include Burkino Faso, Kenya, Congo, and Iraq ( rating respectively as 98th, 154th,  164th, 175th on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index.)

The first course conducted in September involved Asset Recovery processes.  IACA is developing a degree program including a 18 – 24 month Masters course involving a holistic approach to corruption –involving philosophy, cultural studies, ethics, criminology, political science, psychology, economics and law.

New Zealand Government, which has deferred ratifying UNCAC until legislative changes are in place to fully comply with convention obligations, has not made any statement about IACA.