15 December 2010
Bloggers are seldom in the habit of complimenting State servants or the agencies they work for. Right wing bloggers would seem less predisposed to do so than others. A posting today, however, not only compliments IRD on its effective online support, but has elicited a string of similarly approving comments. These responses reflect findings of the Kiwis Count survey which measures New Zealanders’ satisfaction with services received from government agencies. Satisfaction in turn contributes to levels of trust. Paying tax is not an interaction with the State that naturally engenders satisfaction, and is unlikely to ever be rated as highly as activities like using national parks. However the commitment of IRD to improving the help it can give to its “customers” is a reflection of the spirit of service embodied in the State Services code of conduct ( and referred to in the State Sector Act. )

Interestingly, three weeks ago another right wing blogger wrote in a similarly complimentary fashion about the leadership of the Auditor General and her department.