12 December 2010

Corruption Matters is the half yearly newsletter published by the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption.  It includes reports about investigations.  Problems in the NSW public sector are unlikely to be substantially different in kind from what is occurring, if on a much lesser scale, in New Zealand. Issues reported in Corruption Matters should be a “heads up” for managers in New Zealand agencies.

The latest edition of Corruption Matters explores risks highlighted by recent investigations.  ICAC is concerned about corrupt procurement practices in agencies.  It is important that procurement managers are trained in the related threats.  Poor employment practices have also precipitated incidents recently.  Corruption Matters articles explore the consequences of inadequate pre-employment checking – and  pre-emptive resignations when officials avoid the consequences when misconduct is being investigated. A risk to good government is that such people may be reemployed by another agency.

Fraud alleged recently relating to the acquisition of ACC office accommodation, and the disclosure of exaggerated experience claimed by the chief defence scientist, confirm that NSW problems are likely to be shared in New Zealand.